Software Development

Software development is a broad term. Pandu have a wide range in expertise full stack development, to architecture design and agile software processes.

We can provide specific or end-to-end solutions for clients. We break this into four main categories below.


Software languages have good and bad points. Choose the right tools for the job.


Frontend -  React, AngularJS, jQuery, PHP.

Backend - Python, Java, Scala, Groovy, NodeJS.


As systems grow they invariably show signs of strain. Decisions taken in early stages live on and become more problematic. Having the right architecture allows the business to scale accordingly. 


01. Establish scalable web servers and databases.

02. Staged migration to microservices.

03. Employ the best development language for the job.

04. Take advantage of the full skill set of your development team.


A great team cannot work to its potential without a proper process in place.


01. Setup processes so the business side understands the high level workings of their development team.

02. Create processes for commercial side of business to define requirements and features which need to be developed.

03. Enforce an agile methodology so the development team can give accurate time frames for delivery and handover.

04. Enforce code review and retrospectives so lessons are learned from mistakes and not repeated.

05. Establish robust testing and QA processes.

Big Data

We have built big data systems and know what database is the right choice for your business needs.


01. Hadoop, Spark, Flink, Kafka, Mahout.

02. Warehousing - ETL, Data migration, Analysis.

03. NoSQL - ElasticSearch, Solr, Neo4j, MongoDB, RDT, SPARQL.