Deep Learning

Deep learning is the ability of a system to be improve whatever its outputs may be without the need for explicit human intervention.

For a business there are many opportunities where it can be exploited.  Examples where is it in use today include spam filtering, financial trading, recommendation engines, healthcare and autonomous vehicles. We can explain it in layman terms for you.


Recommender Systems

Pandu have built systems that analyse a user's interests and make suggestion based on similar traits across other users.  

Computer Vision

Pandu have developed system which process video streams in real time to allow it to be analysed accordingly. This can range from OCR to analysing road vehicle usage to detecting driver behaviour behing the wheel.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows computers to process and analyse human language in order to extract abstract meaning from text and web scraping.

Anomaly Detection

Deep learning allows a system to be trained to recognise atypical patterns and behaviour.

Time series and prediction analysis can give you the edge over competitors.


We have experience and expertise in the state of the art frameworks